Greetings virgin bouncers!

The origins behind the daily bounce..... I started to send a select few friends a song a day (missing a few days out due to being a human with a lazy gene). This evolved in a darwinistic style and became the daily bounce. These friends now chip in from time to time and raise songs to trump my previous bounce...I had to take it one step further and reclaim the bounce as my own...So I sailed the seedy seas of the internet and developed this blog.

This is where I can showcase old and new songs that I love, and typically 'bounce' to....enjoy...

Friday, 2 March 2012


This morning I was listening to some remixes by Gang Colours, Two Inch Punch and Slime. Got me in the mood for warped, chopped up production. Hence, bloggin this beaut. Sexy, whispery vocals sat on top of some of the nang'est production I've heard in a while.

Crackin tune!



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